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Metropolitan University Prague (MUP) ranks among the oldest and largest private universities in the Czech Republic. MUP offers study programmes in the area of the humanities, international territorial studies, legal specialisations, media and communication studies, and international economic relations in both full-time and part-time forms of study in Czech as well as English. Read more: http://www.mup.cz/en/bachelor-s-degree/all-study-programs/

University of Finance and Administration (VSFS) has always paid attention to scientific work and international cooperation. It continuously organizes international expert conferences and scientific seminars, solves a number of research tasks and participates in professional projects for state institutions and private firms. The main vision of VSFS is to build and to develop a high-quality tertiary education workplace of the university type, to focus primarily on business management, marketing communication, financial services, public administration sphere and applied law in our professional specialization and to become involved in the study and pedagogical activities of the European educational area. Read more: http://www.vsfs.cz/en/?id=2468-programs-taught-in-english

Institute of Hospitality Management currently offers 4 bachelor’s and 3 master’s programs accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education. For those interested in careers in attractive fields of the service industry, our goal is to offer highly professional preparation in order to facilitate: work in middle to upper management in hotel chains and other establishments in the travel and tourism industry; doing business in the field of hotels, gastronomy, and travel and tourism; securing a management position in numerous other fields. Achieving this goal requires steady attention to high quality instruction, enriching it with the newest professional knowledge and trends, and combining theory with practice. More than 80 percent of instruction is carried out by full-time teachers who are working to constantly improve the quality of instruction. A select number of specialized subjects are taught by experts with experience in the field and from other universities. Read more: http://www.vsh.cz/en/applicants/bachelors-program/

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